Carolyn Bair offers home-made subs and sandwiches, as well as a variety of cheeses and meats in her deli case, at the Carlisle Country Market, located at 1446 Holly Pike in beautiful Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

You’ll find Mama Bair’s Subs and Deli in the rear area of the Carlisle Country Market, home of numerous specialty shops and food vendors – everything from jewelry and sports memorabilia to local produce and freshly-made ethnic dishes.

At Mama Bair’s Subs, Carolyn offers several freshly-made subs, taco salads, hot dogs, drinks, and potato chips, as well as deli items such as cheese and lunch meat.

Comfortable table seating is available, too.


Announcements ~

Bittersweet News – At the end of August, 2017, Carolyn’s daughter Jacinda Bair closed her café, the Bair’s Den Café, and married her intended, moving out of Pennsylvania.

Farewell, Jacinda! We’ll miss you at the Carlisle Country Market. But we wish you all the best as a new life chapter begins for you and yours.


We are committed to offering our customers the best in fresh local and seasonal food. We believe in supporting the community, and we love to have your feedback to keep improving our service.

We appreciate your patronage.

And we look forward to serving you this weekend!


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